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Receive your own Daily Angel Card®️ every morning and accept the important message, insight and guidance for the day.

The usual rules apply :
(1) This is based on your name energy. Few days it is also based on your date of birth.

(2) You receive your card on WhatsApp daily morning between 7am to 10am.

(3) You can read, follow, understand and implement the guidance or message you receive in the card.

(4) No calls or WhatsApp messages or discussions are allowed at all in this daily healing.

Investment in yourself :
1. For new participants :
Rs 1000 + 18% GST = Rs 1180

2. For Angel Acaademy Members :
After 30% membership discount.
After 18% GST waiver discount.
After a total of 48% discount :
Rs 700 (all-inclusive)

To register or for more information, connect with Hemant on 07400474497

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